Six months in the making, Coinlock 1.5 has launched! I’m very proud to announce this release, it represents a big step forward in providing a ubiquitous method by which any content can be sold instantly. Coinlock is trying to completely democratize content selling. I built the service so that anyone, anywhere, regardless of their nationality or access to traditional resources could monetize their digital creations. You don’t need a bank account, you don’t need any complicated infrastructure, and you don’t need to know how to program. I’ve included a brief launch video below, but more importantly go try it out at Coinlock and let me know what you think!

Technically the site has numerous improvements, including full integration of my multi-threaded encrypted client SenderDefender. I’ve also completely redone the front end in Angular, vastly expanded client side support, and generally made the entire experience substantially smoother and safer for all involved.

This is a big step forward for us, but there is more to come! Some major features are in the pipeline that will make it even easier to sell content online. If you like what you see help me get the word out!