Hi guys,

Here is my quick video intro to BrantonBits. The footage is a little shaky-cam, that’s what I call real passion. In the future I’ll do my best to not tap the table with my hands. ;–)

This blog is really an exploration of all things Bitcoin. I launched Coinlock over six months ago. That experience has taught me a significant amount about building applications and services in the Bitcoin ecosystem. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet an extraordinarily diverse group of people who have come together to make Bitcoin a reality. These programmers, miners, technologists, and visionaries form the backbone of what is shaping up to be a real revolution in payment and financial systems.

The financial sector and Bitcoin need to come together in a big way, and I plan to use this blog as a forum for my ideas in the space. The infrastructure and supporting ecosystem are very immature, but I expect it to expand dramatically, and more quickly than people expect. This type of technology is extraordinarily disruptive, and is not so easily put back into the box.

Engage me in discussion. I would love to hear from you all, especially in regards to building out next generation services.