Hi everybody,

I have people ask me how to use Coinlock and so decided to put together a very quick tutorial on selling something fast. I keep saying that this is the fastest way to sell digital content ever created, that might be hyperbole, but… take a look at the video and let me know what you think.

Just to recap the steps involved:

  1. Specify the price of the file or files you wish to sell. The price is pegged to a particular currency, since Bitcoin is volatile and fluctuates in price I wanted to make sure that people could sell their goods at a consistent value. If you put in $10 USD the price is converted at the point of purchase into $10 USD worth of Bitcoin.

  2. Put in a receiving address. This is the bitcoin address that will get paid when the file is purchased. If you use a new address for each file it is easy to look at your wallet and see which files are most frequently purchased. You can of course just as easily use a single address if that is easier.

  3. Finally, select some content to upload. This can literally be any kind of digital file. A zip archive, a movie, a PDF, a text file. It doesn’t matter. The moment you select the content it will start uploading on the transfers tab.

Go check the transfers tab to see all of your uploads and completed links. You can then copy the links and put them right in your blog, or anywhere a normal html link can be used!

That is all there is to it.