I’m looking for a skilled C++ developer interested in diving into some truly revolutionary alt-coin projects. You’ve seen the Bitcoin code-base. Lots of juicy C++ and Boost for networking and data-structures. There have been a lot of interesting alt-coins produced, including some that may have legs in the long term, however we haven’t seen second generation architecture built on a new block chain. All of the experimentation is happening on top of Bitcoin’s existing infrastructure, hacked as meta data into eighty byte fields and transaction ordering rules that try to enforce structure where there was none before. There are certain core features that I think a next generation block chain has to offer as part of its core design, and I want to help make that happen.

Ideally I would like to find someone interested in partnering or being paid on a freelance basis to work on targeted modifications to the Bitcoin code base. I have a number of ideas designed to provide a myriad of next-generation services, and I’m looking for the right people to carry them forward. In the spirit of open source this work will be offered pre-packaged and in source form to the larger community. Drop me an email at support@coinlock.com if you are interested, include a resume and the url of your linkedin profile.