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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s SenderDefender for Gmail! Hi Everyone, I’m proud to announce the SenderDefender for Gmail beta! Time to unlock file transfer super powers. :) It has been a long time coming, but I’ve rewritten a substantial amount of the underlying technology and distilled it into a Chrome plugin. That means very large file transfer, ephemeral messaging with delete-on-receipt, and end-to-end user encryption. One-click and drag-and-drop support for up to 100 Gigabytes PER FILE, encryption designed to protect your data from a host of threats, and automatic expiry of sensitive information to prevent hacking and fraud in the event your email account is compromised.

Other features included drag-and-drop directory zipping and transfer, which not only reduces bandwidth and transfer time but makes it super easy to send folders directly from Gmail. The best part is that you can send files anywhere, recipients do not need Gmail, and can still receive documents quickly and securely in their web browsers. Structurally that is a major difference between SenderDefender and many of the file transfer options available, no sign-ups, no logins, no advertising, just secure hassle-free data delivery.

The application also supports a variable and adjustable threading system so that you can optimize transfer time depending on the amount of bandwidth, memory, and processing resources you have. You can modify those settings by clicking the SenderDefender drop down button. Working resources also automatically scale down to reduce power consumption and extend battery life on laptops.

You can find the secret chrome store beta link HERE, that will allow you to install directly. Please feel free to spread it around, or send it to friends, family, and people you think will use it. Every subscription tier includes a generous free trial period, please try it out and let me know what you think, any suggestions or bug reports should be sent to Just click the SD icon in the compose window to get started, or drag a larger file or directory right into the compose frame. It really is that easy, compression, encryption, and transfer wrapped into an extremely tight package. People without the plugin get an easy to follow link, and plugin users get a really seamless download experience. You can continue using gmail or other web sites while your files downloads in the background. If you love it write me an awesome review :)

Finally, I recently wrote about Amazon’s Zocalo and file transfer services in general. SenderDefender significantly raises the bar on how that happens and protects user data from certain classes of attacks that most commercial services don’t even address. Many claim to support encryption in their products, but it comes down to whether they ultimately have access to your data. Nobody at SenderDefender can read your data, not the service provider, not the network carrier, no one. This isn’t true for Zocalo, Dropbox, Box, CitrixSharefile, and a host of other competing services. If your data matters or you have big transfer needs, use SenderDefender and help support the development of software and systems that retain your data privacy.
` I’ve got a host of really cool features planned in future versions, if you have any ideas just drop me an email and lets talk about it. Follow me on this blog or @brantonbits on twitter to keep up with development or let me know what you think!